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Look Like a Million Without Spending It


Welcome to  I'm so glad you've found my website.  I'm often asked who benefits from an image makeover?  And, my answer is we all, as we go through our lives, can benefit from changing or improving our image at some point.  At one time or another, we’ve all stood in our closets, looked at the full racks, and realized we had absolutely nothing to wear.  Of course, there were plenty of outfit options available, but none of them seemed to fit where we were in our lives at that time.

It is important to realize that changing your image isn’t about becoming someone you aren’t; it is about dressing to illustrate who you are.  Improving your image with a new wardrobe, haircut, or overall sense of style simply helps others understand what makes you unique.  There are many reasons to improve or change your image.

You may have…

  • Begun a new career.
  • Found a new focus in life.
  • Lost a lot of weight or had a change in body shape.
  • Become bored with your wardrobe.
  • Realized your current image does not represent your authentic self.

Okay, so I want to change my image.  Now what?

Image transformation is all about reflecting your inner light through your outward style.  From your hairstyle down to your choice of shoes and accessories, your image should say, “This is me, and I am one-of-a-kind.” Of course, many of us struggle with changing our image.  It is easy to become lost or confused among the hundreds of clothing racks in a store.  How do you choose which pieces are winners and which should be left on the hanger?  Without a second opinion, how do you know that your new outfit is flattering and reflective of the image you want to portray?  This is where I can help.

I've worked with many women and know that changing or improving one’s image can be an emotional, transformative process.  With compassion and without judgment, I'll guide you to make style choices that enhance your natural beauty and allow your individual personality to shine through.  With the right image, everyone around you will be able to see you for who you truly are; a beautiful and unique creation.

If you have questions, please feel free to call me.  I look forward to hearing from you.  And please be sure to check back on my blog for the latest information and tips on being your best self.

All the best,

Caryn August