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wardrobe editingWardrobe Editing & Organizing

You have tons of clothes in your closet.  Some, you haven’t worn in years.  Sound familiar?  Caryn brings a fresh eye to the clothes you already own and works with you to determine what you have, what you need to give away and what clothes and accessories you need to enhance your wardrobe.

Before you start, Caryn helps you to establish criteria about what stays and what goes.  Working through your closet piece by piece, Caryn helps you organize your clothes putting those that stay back into your closet in a uniform manner, like items with like items, from darkest to lightest.  When your clothes are organized, the process is repeated with shoes and accessories. 

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Personal Shopping

Looking at what you already have in your closet, Caryn works with you to create a shopping list of items needed to enhance your existing wardrobe.  This is usually a few pieces that will tie everything together like a belt, jacket, pair of shoes or an accessory in a new trendy color.  It is very rare for someone to need an entirely new wardrobe. 

With list in hand, the next step is the shopping trip.  Whether it is your favorite store or Caryn’s, Caryn believes in shopping smart and keeping to a budget.  During the trip, she keeps focused on the list so that your time together is efficient.  Her criteria for purchasing items is:

·        Does it go with three to five things you already own, your new clothes or both?

·        Can you wear it three seasons of the year?

·        Does it make sense?


After your shopping trip, Caryn will schedule another trip back to your house to coordinate your existing wardrobe with your new purchases.  With her keen sense of style, she creates outfits with matching shoes, jewelry, scarves and purse.

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Your “Look” Book

Often Caryn’s clients remark that they would have never thought to put a certain outfit together.  To help clients mix up their looks, Caryn creates 20 to 25 different outfits mixing and matching your wardrobe pieces.  Her goal is to help you discover new ways of wearing clothes rather than doing what you’ve always done.  As she puts new outfits together she takes pictures to create a personalized book for you to refer back to. 



Special Occasion Shopping Trips

Weddings, vacations, black tie affairs, proms and business events call for just that special look.  Caryn offers special occasion shopping trips to help you find the right attire for your event.


Packing for Your Trip

If you are planning a business trip or vacation, Caryn will visit your home to help you select outfits for your trip.  With your itinerary in hand, she focuses on choosing the right outfit for each occasion including: business meetings, cocktail parties, themed parties, formal dining as well as casual.  A packing expert, she mixes and matches your clothing so that, when possible, all of your clothes fit in one carry on.

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