Caryn August Image Consulting

Look Like a Million Without Spending It



Great Sense Of Style

Caryn has a great sense of style.  She always dresses sharp and has an eye for fashion.




As the summer was turning to fall, I was beginning to feel dowdy.   Since I didn’t want to invest in a new wardrobe, I decided to call Caryn.  I had heard from business friends they had worked with her, so I decided to make an appointment. 

We spent two hours working with my fall wardrobe and WOW!  She gave me ideas that I would never had envisioned.  She took pictures for me to use later, but she gave me the vision to think about what I would wear.  It’s amazing what a simple belt will add to an ensemble; a how a different color skirt or pants will stretch your wardrobe or adding a second necklace will make an outfit look smart.

I would suggest that you use her, as she is talented and very knowledgeable. 


Anne Wamser